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Miss Ruth

Posted by [email protected] on May 19, 2015 at 12:35 AM

Not long ago one of very best church ladies at CCC passed away. I thought about her life and how she was and I thought it would be a good idea to put her character into a novella. I figured this was especially a good idea because I need a 3rd novella to go into my 3 story book. Anyway, I'm working on an edit right now and put the idea on the back burner.

Then, on Saturday, I was expecting to edit Kate's Song when my laptop informed me it was out of juice. (You can insert a little note about listening to your little voice when it tells you to plug the thing in if you'd like). Anyway, paper and pencil doesn't need batteries so I took some out of my laptop bag and started on Ruth's Heart. There's a long way to go before it's ready, but I have a start. And, no, I'm not giving the plot away here.

Yesterday, at church, a new remodeling project was announced at church. It's named for Miss Ruth and will address remodeling in areas she took a special interest in. When Pastor announced it, I smiled especially when he quoted Miss Ruth "I'm not complaining but..." A perfect phrase to add to Ruth's Heart.

See how God works things out sometimes and isn't it nice.

God bless you in your efforts for HIM.


Posted by [email protected] on May 6, 2015 at 12:20 AM

Last night was one of those times that I went to bed, slept pretty good, got up for a minute, and couldn't go back to sleep. I hate nights like that especially when I have to get up the next day to go to the day job. I laid there for a few minutes willing my brain to shut-up and go to sleep. I finally gave up and turned on the TV hoping the nothingness that's on at two and three in the morning would drone me back to sleep. After all, didn't I just miss about half of Castle (still don't know who did it) because my eyes went to sleep during the show.

I hit the remote control and an old rerun of Frasier was on. It was about dreams. I thought it was funny because I wanted to be dreaming. I had been dreaming. But just then I had to make do with a sitcom. When I finally went back to sleep about an hour later, I dreamed again.

Now, you may be asking yourself why I didn't pray when I couldn't go back to sleep. Well, this is an issue with my mind and body as oppposed to God waking me up to pray. He doesn't really do that to me much, I'm not myself at 2 in the morning. No, don't ask me who I am, I'll get testy. :) But, I do pray at two in the morning. I say "really, what again". Okay, that's not a prayer. That's me complaining.

You may ask why I didn't read the Bible or some other book. I've tried that. Doesn't really work for me. The problem for me seems to be that my brain turns on and doesn't want to turn off. 

As I said, I finally went back to sleep for a couple more hours (the alarm goes off at 5:45 a.m. at my house). I did dream again. It had something to do with a contest for braiding horses' manes. I got aggravated because there were a group of writers there with me. We didn't get what we needed for the contest and we were expected to compete. We lost. There were other things there that I don't remember.What I do remember are the dreams that the characters on Fraisier had had during that episode.

Funny how nightime goes sometimes. Did I learn anything from this? Probably not. Perhaps one day (rather night) I will sleep all night without any waking up issues of any kind. Hey, anyone out there know a sure fire cure for RLS or middle-of-the night insomnia?

God bless you in your efforts for HIM.



Posted by [email protected] on March 8, 2015 at 8:30 PM

I'm told that if I want a publisher to consider my novellas, I need to consider writing a third novella for the anthorphy.I can't say I have any trouble with that concept. Albert (one of my POV characters) may get his own adventure or he may keep doing what he does. 

I am considering putting a friend of mine in as one of the main characters on the 3rd novella.  This particular friend was a lovely sweet lady from my church. She passed away recently and we all miss her very much.

Somebody Loves The Ump

Posted by [email protected] on February 8, 2015 at 10:15 PM

Somebody Loves The Ump

By: Nora Spinaio


There’s the pitch. The batter swings. “Strike” the umpire yells from behind the catcher at the plate. The crowd jeers. “That was a ball” someone yells from the stands. The umpire knows it wasn’t. The batter kicks some dirt over the plate preparing for the next pitch. He chokes up on the bat and waits. The catcher waits. The umpire waits. The pitcher rewards them with a fast ball.


The batter misses again and the ball hits the catcher’s glove with a smack. “Ouch” the catcher says just loud enough for the umpire and the batter to hear.


“You all right?” The umpire looks down at the catcher in front of him.


“Yes.” The catcher raises up and then resettles while the batter is preparing for the next throw. Everyone is set and waiting for the next pitch. It comes. Smack into the catcher’s mitt.


“You’re Out” the umpire throws out his thumb up and over to the side.


The crowd jeers and yells. The umpire ignores it. The catcher stretches for a moment waiting for the next batter to come to the plate.


The catcher turns around and takes off the facemask. She smiles up at the umpire. “Love you, husband.”


The umpire flips his mask up, takes his fingers, and tips her face up to meet his. “Love you, wife.” He bends down and kisses her lips softly. The crowd applauds. The umpire flips his mask down.


The catcher puts the facemask back on and squats in position as the batter taps the bat on his shoes and laughs. “You two are funny.”


“Hey, the catcher says. Somebody loves the ump.”